Nima is often described as Accra’s largest slum. A community within Accra with the largest concentration of poverty and illiteracy.

(Source: Modern Ghana)

Nima is characterised by being poorly planned and densely populated. There are no proper systems in these areas. Most of the households do not have running water. Subsequently, children have to fetch water every morning and evening as needed by the family for their daily consumption. The walk and the carrying of these buckets on their heads are just one of their numerous chores.

The population of Nima and its neighbouring Mamobi communities is about 2,909,643. Nima-Mamobi is predominantly a Muslim community, some have described it as the largest “Zongo” community in Ghana. Nima’s population come from all over Ghana and some come from outside of Ghana. Over 20 languages are spoken in Nima alone and is also known for its widespread teenage pregnancy.

Gilgal Community Care would like to dig boreholes for families living in this area and establish a safer place for the youth to engage in some income activities like sewing, art and craft etc especially for the at-risk women.