Gilgal Community Care (GCC) and DUNK Grassroot Ghana have agreed to world together for the same purpose;
  1. To relieve poverty by providing funding/material support for disadvantaged young people to obtain an education in Ghana primary school, secondary school or tertiary educational institution.
  2. To provide a free service to assist people with a physical or mental disability to be able to participate in work, and assistance to people with a physical or mental disability to travel to or from their place of employment, if they have difficulties travelling to their place of employment themselves due to their disability. This agreement describes their understandings and commitments to this collaborative effort.




Gilgal Community Care Incorporated is a community-based, Non-Governmental Organization registered in Australia. Aims to eradicate hunger, poverty and illiteracy among Ghanaian children, youth and at-risk women.





Our mission is to deliver person centered support and creative ideas that assist people living in poverty to reach their desired goals. We aim to create safe spaces for at-risk women and children ages 8-19 living in the most deprived communities of Accra and its surrounding communities through sports (basketball and soccer), after-school support, life-skills & vocational training, we encourage our members to Play, Learn & Grow as well as empowering them to become agents of change in their own communities.





To create dynamic service direction, investing in quality life opportunities such as education, income streams for the venerable people in the communities they live.





GCC will function as an organisation which considers consumer outcomes, in terms of maximising control of their own lives, as the key criteria by which all services are developed, delivered, and assessed:







In the year 2016 a Ghanaian born Australian Rev Joseph Asirifi married a beautiful Australian woman Gaynor Asirifi in Mildura, a regional town in Victoria. Prior to their marriage they all had similar dreams to be compassionate to children and if possible establish an entity or an organisation to support children wellbeing. These dreams were so clear that Gaynor went to a Christian conference and was asked to choose any country in the world to sponsor a child from there, unconsciously Gaynor choose Ghana in West Africa among all countries in the world. This was many years before she met Rev Joseph who is from Ghana of which she never thought of. Gaynor was still sponsoring this Ghanaian girl child even when they got married. Rev Joseph had also lived in China, Thailand and South Korea planting Churches and supporting people. With this "Compassion and Empathy" in both of them, they decided to register Gilgal Community Care Incorporated as a charity organisation to support poor children and the youth in the vunerable communities in Ghana. Thank you for your contribution to make these dreams a reality.






Welcome, Thank you for accessing our charity we appreciate your time. My name is Rachelle, I’m from a regional town in Victoria, Australia My day to day job involves making Victorian children’s lives better, one child at a time, by providing them a safe and secure home. We are grateful to live in Australia and have access to the day to day basics and safety. Ghanaian children on the other hand are not so fortunate. These children deserve the right to better opportunities and access to assistance, with your donation we are one step closer, thank-you.





I must confess that you are so precious to us as you visit our website and make your kind donation. I have been an international business man travelling to many countries including Holland, Sweden, Denmark, China, Thailand and now living in Melbourne, Australia though from Ghana. I have been very passionate to many people I meet and try to help or support others no matter your age, gender, religious or political affiliations. This has compared me to join hands with the CEO of Gilgal Care to do all we can with your support for many poor Ghanaian children who live in deprived communities to realise their God giving talents. We greatly appreciate your kindness.

Thank you